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this week. he's spending time with his family on martha's vineyard, but va t the vacation comes as the economy nosedives. >> the president has done so less than his pred sez or george w. bush. 14 trips and 19 days. one kmon thread mr. obama's beginning to experience some second term blues. the president stepped onto the island paradise confronting some of the diceiest poll numbers of his presidency. it's only one poll but gallop constantly tracks presidential approval. mr. obama's is at 42% with 50% of the country disapproving. his approval rating was 41% last week, a low not seen since december of 201. when the president's approval rating dips this low, it's usually due to defections among democrats. surveillance have unsettled the president's place. republicans accuse him of ducking the issue for weeks. >> when the story initially broke, the president went undercover. he was trying to come up with ways to salvage the program by window dressing. >> i applaud the president for continuing the nsa program. what i'm very critical of him for, though, is basic
including our own martha teichner. you are the one >> reporter: it was a number-one hit for music mega star michael bolton in 1993. that was then. ♪ i said i loved you but i lied ♪ >> reporter: this is now. ♪ this is not how i feel inside ♪ >> reporter: a visit with michael bolton ahead this sunday morning. ♪ said i loved you but... >> osgood: we have a meltdown to tell you about this morning reported by bill geist. >> reporter: not since the beatles and bieber have we seen such frenzied fans. what's driving them wild? you'll be shocked to learn that it's grilled cheese mania ahead on sunday morning. >> osgood: mo rocca shows us the larger than life art work of june kaneco. anthony mason talks to an author who ready for her close-up. steve hartman will prove a picture is worth a thousand words and more. but first the headlines for this sunday morning, the 11th of august, 2013. police in idaho say the man suspected of abducting 16-year-old hannah anderson has been killed and that the girl is safe. federal agents joined state police searching for anderson and james lee dimaggio
trunk created the dune that swallowed the dune. >>> president obama is teeing off at his martha's vineyard vacation with his favorite past time, golfing. obama hit the golf course on ma that are's win yard this weekend. the first week is on a week-long holiday on the massachusetts island. the family is renting a 6-bedroom room. the secret service is banning traffic from the street. >>> how about a trip in los angeles to san francisco in half an hour. elan musk is set to reveal plans for a new transportation system. he calls it the hyper loop. it's faster than an airplane. he said when you ride inside you feel like you're inside a car vet with the gas pea tal down to the floor. it can reach up to 400 miles an hour. >> oh, my goodness. wow. that's not a long flight as it is but that would be cool. >> i used to shop in a department store as a kid and it looked like the chut. >> like at the bank. >>> still ahead, it's dry so far today. will the afternoon's heat bring some thunderstorms? >> first let's take a look at today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,, all the chicken in your grocery
for a family vacation at martha's vineyard. at the white house, marlie hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama also condemmed new anti-gay measures in russia, but said he did not think it would be appropriate for the u.s. to boycott the 2014 winter olympics in russia. >>> president obama is expected to sign a bipartisan bill that will slash interest rates on student loans. the house passed the measure late last month. white house officials say the plan will save millions of students an average of $1500 on loans they take out this school year. >>> well, a whirlwind of weather in baltimore. couple of hours ago, there were heavy downpours. you could hardly see through the rain it was coming down that hard. but a live look outside now. and the sun is back out. bob turk is in the first warning weather center, tracking live doppler radar. bob? >> we still have showers south and east of us. take a lock at radar. we have a line of activity from about dover to henderson to denton. to the east of queenstown now. and just really around eastob. the strongest activity now is over southern portions of
on vacation. the first family headed to martha's vineyard this we can. people lined both sides of the roads to view the obamacare -- the obama cave. many folks wait and snapped pictures. the first family is renting a six bedroom home. the secret service is banning traffic from that part of the public road. of course, the first dog is also along on the trip. you cannot leave him at home. >> absolutely not. >> the maryland historical society re-creating the 30 by 42-foot star-spangled banner flag. the reconstruction is not an easy task. wjz is live at the historical society. kristin shinning joins us with more. good morning, kristin. it >> good morning. >> this is history that many people in maryland know, but outside of the state, most folks don't. give us a background on this wonderful flag. >> sure. mary pictures filled was a flight maker. she was commissioned to make to flags for the fort, the large garrison flag, which is the one we are re-creating here today and the smaller storm flag. that was done in the summer of 1813 but then became famous, of course, in the summer of 1814. this is
is preparing to take a vacation at martha's vineyard. marlie hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> the president also condemned new anti-gay measures in russia, but said he didn't think it would be appropriate for the united states to boycott the 2013 winter olympics in russia. >>> the father of nsa leaker edward snowden has applied to travel to russia. the two haven't spoken since the contractor disclosed top surveillance program. they hope to discuss snowden's status in the united states where he has been charged with espionage. >>> here's kristy breslin again at wjz traffic control. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. friday afternoon chaos, mixed with a lot of rain out there. watch for delays now. northbound 95, from the beltway on the southwest side, going all the way over to riverside parkway. it's going to take a good 45 minutes to get through. on the top side inner loop, stop and go there. west side inner loop. moving quite slowly there, from 895, approaching 795. but as far as 70 goes, trouble in both directions, westbound from the beltway to marriottsville road. and east makes your way tord the belt
, you will. tell him to meet me at martha b-line at noon. the b-line? yeah. you mean the bus? which op? he'll know. that's all she said, so i paged shawn and i told him the b-line. luca, we're going to need that pager number, okay? whatever. did she tell you that the cop percel killed was a friend of hers? it's none of my business. thanks for your help. alive and on the run, hooking up with gangsters. that's not good. unless the reason that she's trying to find percel is payback for him killing her cop friend. you know, there is a b-line that runs through the bronx in brooklyn. i know it's a long shot, but see if you can pin down where they might meet. okay. we really need to find a connection between percel and this murdered cop. all right. i'll talk to the d.a.'s office, see if i can get someone down there. okay. you okay? yep. coffee's cold. turns out that shawn percel worked at a laundromat ten blocks from one of the b-line bus stops last year. that is such a long shot. well, we've got someone staking it out just in case jessie shows up. i guess it's possible that dale elliot found
larry page. >> 100% larry page. >> obama vacationing in martha's vineyard right now. the president is playing golf. and he was photographed in this position, either golfing or taking a zumba class. [ laughter ] ♪ >>> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell. gayle king is off. san diego's embattled mayor is now officially fighting to stay in office. bob filner is telling an organized recall campaign that he will not quit. >> he's being sued by a former aide who said he sexually harassed her. as ben tracy reports, filner is staying away from his office this week, but his critics are not. >> reporter: this was not the kind of welcome back party mayor bob filner was hoping for. >> bob must go! >> reporter: filner's opponents made it clear they preferred the mayor go and stay away. >> we will do whatever it takes within our measures to remove bob filner out of office. >> reporter: at least 13 have come forward accusing filner of sexual harassment. all the senators have told filner to resign. he was supposed to spend two weeks in intensive behavorial therapy but just
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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